Friday, October 18, 2013

Here, and there, and back again

That's right. I am going to go on posting coy pictures of the cat until we get our bearings.

There are distractions that delay turning the garden and home photogenic.

And if anyone ever thought showering in a clawfoot bath is romantic (like I did), think again.

But we are inching along.

Last night's book party at The Wythe seemed to go very well. If you were there, thank you for coming! I baked four loaves of brown bread (see the October chapter of the book) and turned the November menu's  pork belly into rillettes, or potted pig, Five jars of potted pig were hoovered up over the course of two hours. The pickled mustard disappeared in a flash. Everyone wanted to know more about it. Also November's menu. The bread ran out. The hotel's restaurant very kindly sent over two of their own long brown loaves to fill the gap.

Then we packed up again and zipped up the BQE and over Randall's Island and onto Harlem River Drive and home to Harlem.

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