Friday, November 1, 2013

The changing days

The butchered Iceberg is making new shoots. In November. Poor thing. 

I have no idea what it will do next year.

And with shorter days, cooler temperatures and less sun (three hours, versus their previous six-plus), these Windermere flowers last weeks.

I will plant the fig into a larger pot, soon. If next year's summer sun does not rise above the building in front of us, I will give it to a sunnier home.


  1. If it is of any consulation, my roses on my patio only get 3 (or less hours) of direct sunshine and they give me terrific blooms. I'm growing these in containers - Kim Rupert, Clothilde Soupert and Cecile Brunner and they are all doing well. Perhaps you'll find that the Iceberg will adapt just fine to its new home in Harlem.

    BTW, check out Antique Rose Emporium in Texas for their partial shade roses:

  2. Iceberg overcomes most setbacks.


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