Friday, November 22, 2013

Dinner for friends

Pumpkin soup was made, salad was assembled (pea and sunflower shoots on pickled beet slices, topped with barberries), vegetables and chickens were roasted.

Friends arrived from a teaching session at Columbia, and from Brooklyn. 

I had not intended that this small dinner be a house warming but it's exactly the purpose it served. 

When Eric and Mimi left, the house was warm.

Addendum: and now that we have discovered - ka-ching - that we are paying for heat and hot water (it's usually included), we'll have friends over much more often!


  1. I don't understand why your paying for the usually included heat and water would inspire you to have friends over more often? What am I missing?

  2. Marie, would you be so kind as to share your pumpkin soup recipe? Thanks!

    1. Made it up on the spot, Pritha. More or less: shallot, cubed pumpkin, saute. Add cumin. Toast. Add stock and juice of orange. Cook till tender. Add mucho black pepper. A hint of sugar. Add some yuzu (...or lemon) juice. Cool, puree. Taste for seasoning. Heat 'n heat.

    2. Thanks so much! Erm ... did you add "toast" to the soup or did you add cumin which you had toasted?

    3. Toast the cumin a little (after adding to pot)...

  3. Mimi is obviously a fine marathoner; Eric is both handsome, and deft of hand.

    Vince is in charge, of course.

  4. I have spent the last two days reading your book....LOVE IT!!

  5. A little behind in my blogging...were you not told you'd be paying utilities?


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