Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I went to the Barnes and Noble on Broadway yesterday to look for gardening magazines to take home to my mom. Before I went hunting for them ( and I really had to hunt), I visited the cookbook section to see if, you know, my book might be there. It's a bit of a gamble, as I'm always nervous that it will not be, and then I'd have to slink out, casting worried dog-eyebrow looks at people, tail between my legs. But there it was. And I was so excited to see it shoulder to shoulder with Jacques Pepin (whose his fat-fat - earlier edition - book of French technique taught me how to cut an onion) that I FAILED to miss what is at my book's feet.

Romney Family Table?

Jeepers. And to think I walked away and ignored my book's cries for help.

The garden magazines. There were rows of magazine racks. I walked up and down them thrice before I found the gardening zines on the lowest rack, at the back, barely visible, and poorly represented. But there were oodles of others - cars, computers, weddings wedding weddings, fashion, interiors, food, knitting, you name it. It seemed weird. But I live a life skewed towards plants and so am surprised that everyone else does not.

I wonder if Hudson News in Grand Central still has a good garden magazine section. They used to. Maybe I have time for one oyster, before we pack up and fly to Cape Town.

My name is Marie, and it has been nine months since my last trip to The Oyster Bar.

Oh! And Apple's iBooks is featuring 66 Square Feet - A Delicious Life at a special price of $4.99 just for this week, in its Books for Food Lovers Collection. Go over and snap it up, if you like cooking from your tablet or laptop, as I have begun to do, or want to read it on your subway or Thanksgiving plane ride home.


  1. I do have your wonderful book in the kitchen (with many tabs at recipes to try) right next to J. Pepin's Complete Techniques. A trip to the Oyster Bar while you are on your magazine hunt sounds absolutely necessary!

  2. Why would anyone even publish the Rommney Family table? Who cares? That's a little scary. One of the things I love to do when traveling is a local (as in country) gardening magazine. I don't care if I don't understand all the text I just love to see what other gardners are looking at. England wins hands down on secltion! Talk about being spoiled for choices.

  3. I was at Grand Central's mag. shop recently and they do still carry gardening magazines. However, not too far away is Around The World with one of the best assortment of magazines (including gardening) in town (W37th/Bway).

  4. I don't suppose the Romney book features much in the way of accompanying beverages?

    1. You could have title this post "Bad Company".

      Mr. Pepin excepted, but of course.

      xo j

  5. It occurs to me that the B&N display person is going for a color flow - luckily, your brilliant shade of fuchsia/carmine/raspberry flows from PEPIN and draws the eye over and up. All eyes on the inviting terrace!
    Very cool about the iPad feature too - celebrate with some oysters & bubbly!

  6. What was the Romney book titled? 66,000 Square Feet?

    Nancy Mc

  7. what a thrill it must be to see your book displayed - are you not tempted to buy one each time you see it

  8. In addition to the newsstand in Grand Central, if you take the escalator up to the Met Life building, there's an expansive magazine store in their lobby.

    About the Romney book -- you said it yourself. It's at the FEET of your book.

  9. Must be a thrill to see your baby, err book, actually for sale in "real" bookstores. Have an oyster (ok, have at least six), a glass of bubbly, and enjoy.

    Safe travel.

  10. Thank you for your wonderful book! I love nature, and I love New York (but live in Moscow suburbs)), so I was absolutely inspired - and now I have two small fig plants ))) can't wait for summer!

  11. I am a fan and read your blog regularity. I just want to say that I see so many heart warming traits in your posts. Love of nature, your home, and your family show in all you photograph and write. For that reason both your book and Ann Romney's are on my coffee table. I know these qualities exist in her life, as well.


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