Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Into the madding crowd

After an appointment yesterday at the extremity of 42nd Street, on the water (literally, the office floated) of the Hudson, I walked across town, through the heart of Manhattan.

...and stopping and ducking back underground when I reached East 42nd and Park Avenue.

...Grand Central.

Where I met Vince for some oysters and a martini.

Kumomotos for me, Rockies for him - local parlance for Oysters Rockefeller (read Dinner at Antoine's to make you hungry for a plateful). It's a good place to go, once in a while. Wildly overpriced, and the food is actually not particularly good. But if you stick the oysters, and sit either at the bar or at one of communal horseshoes rather than in the red-checked tablecloth section, you tend to be pretty happy.

We were.
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