Thursday, February 14, 2013

Please, Sir...?

Snow, I mean. I miss it already.

Almond croissants (very good!), from Sahadi's. Who knew? Now I do. Dangerous.
Coffee? Danish Supreme, also Sahadi's. 
Tulips: Clinton Street.
Snow: sky.

Cat? Dominican bodega.

Don't ask awkward questions about the butter.


  1. More snow? Are you mad? The croissant sounds good, tho!

  2. The butter was the second thing I noticed (after all that snow) and the thought crossed my mind that anyone who cuts butter into little pieces and arranges them in a small bowl, simply to sit and have coffee and danish, lives a much more refined life than I do.

    And then I thought 'how wonderful...'.

    Tulips are gorgeous, too.

    Be careful not to lose The Don in a snow drift.

    1. The butter is all Vince's doing. He makes our weekendd breakfasts - coffee, hot milk and the warming or toasting of whatever pastry or bread we're eating.

      And slices the butter into those little bits :-)

  3. omg, Sahadi's is my drug.

  4. Maybe it has something to do with growing up snowless.

  5. I was going to suggest the same frank, I know I've had my fill of the white stuff until next year. Am cheering (a little tentatively) the first day of what could possibly be the very early beginnings of Spring...
    Love that vase, by the way - it should have its own show.
    And the butter is just right : )

  6. I secretly want some more snow too! Or... not so secretly, now. But I already miss it. It softens the hard edges, makes winter bearable.

  7. You had me at Almond....almond anything is dangerous for me. I will go miles out of my way after finding a good almond pastry.


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