Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Flowers and lemons

I am late. Like that rabbit. I chose to stew in my publishing juices yesterday (...also a little like a rabbit, but a less active one) and so failed to hook up with the flowerathon hosted at Small but Charming.

But, like that actress I knew who would arrive an hour late and make her entrance just as everyone else's sobriety was teetering on the edge as they drank to fill in the time, Here I am: Flowers! In the house.

I know. Tulips, February. But I have been loving them.

The books. Claudia Roden's is an old favourite, The New Book of Middle Eastern Food. I have begun to investigate The Lebanese Kitchen - a beautiful book, with some mistakes in the recipes, but very interesting ideas, some of which are new to me. I have not yet dived into Naomi Duguid's Burma, but can't wait.


  1. The doors are always open in my casa and the party doesn't start till you walk in!

    Even the most jaded florists are excited when the tulips come to town.

    My new food groups are Turkish and African.
    Interested to get your take on the Lebanese book.

    It seems as the cold continues my need for spiced foods grows,

    xo J

  2. Tulips! my very favorite! and pink, too.

  3. Love the tulips. Now every time I see them for sale on Atlantic, I think of you. I love them too, especially this time of year. They're a complete luxury, but a relatively inexpensive one (in the grand scheme of things). Completely worth the value for the cost. Only a few more weeks until we'll see them in the ground!

  4. Plus, Meyer lemons if I'm not mistaken...even more valuable than tulips!!


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