Monday, February 4, 2013

I need your help

Roof picnic

Dear Readers:

Now that it is in the layout and design stage, my publishers tell me that we may need to cut 16 pages from the book over all, for it to fit within budget and size. Welcome to the fun side of publishing. I am so close to this project that I'd welcome more objective feedback than my ego's. So here's your chance to be editors for a day (er...that's if some of you are not already editors).

To recap: each chapter of 66 Square Feet - a Delicious Life, is a month. And each month is divided into three parts, for instance:

New York in August (parks, farmers' markets, the seasons on the street, foraging, the odd picnic), The Terrace and Roof Farm in August (gardening, as well as a picnic on the roof, perhaps, or on the terrace), My Kitchen in August (a menu for the month with recipes).

Here are two possible options and I would really appreciate your opinions. As potential readers, what would prefer:

1. To cut a piece of the introduction to each month, which means losing some New York scenes and stories about parks and the seasons on the street.


2. To cut out some picnics with their respective recipes. These are scattered through the Terrace and New York sections. Roof picnics, terrace picnics, park picnics, indoor picnics.

So. Lose some New York City background, or lose picnics and recipes?


New York?


New York?

I have put a poll in the sidebar to make it easy to vote. I do not promise to follow your advice, but I would really like to have a sense of what you, as potential readers, value more. Feel free to explain your vote in the comments.

And my thanks in advance. Without wonderful readers, there would be no book.

(Is it too early for a drink?)

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