Monday, February 25, 2013

After the kale train has left the station

I missed the kale craze.

I mean, I was aware of it, but it annoyed me enough (phases, crazes and fleeting fashion have that effect on me) to make me duck under the kale radar and keep on doing my usual, leafy thing. The fact that I have kale growing on the roof through winter is another story!

But Mr Kim's has had these lovely bunches of narrow-leafed kale recently, posies of quilted leaves. It is Nero Toscano, lacinato, cavolo nero, dinosaur kale - all of those names, and more. I don't know whether to capitalize because the only one I've seen grown as a cultivar name is Nero Toscano. Feel free to chime in and educate me.

But it's lovely - tender enough to eat raw. So I tear it up and do just that.
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