Saturday, February 23, 2013


In willing, but tongue-in-cheek honour of what we learned was National Margarita Day (...) we celebrated last night.

The Persian limes at Mr Kims were not the juicy ones, so I had to choose lemons, instead. No matter. I dipped the rims of the glasses in the sticky, lemony-salty syrup from the jar of preserved lemons (almost ready to taste - maybe this weekend) and then squeezed fresh lemons like a fiend. Equal parts Cointreau, a very nice reposado Tequila (meaning it has rested, just a bit - light amber in colour - called El Jimador), and the juice. Shaken, and poured, milky yellow, suspension of miniscule bubbles.

The Margarita has a bad reputation. It is potentially one of the nastiest, most abused cocktails out there. Bad liquor, awful sour mix from a bottle, swimming pool-sized glasses...? = visions of herds of wildebeest (it's a long story, going back to university days, and I'm pretty sure it lurks somewhere on this blog, already).

But made with respect, it is one of the finest cocktails invented on this planet.


  1. Amen, Sister. I missed the big day, but promise to celebrate belatedly either tonight or tomorrow. My recipe is virtually the same,... and beloved.

  2. Margaritas, the real ones like you have made, are my go-to drink. I come from a long line of tequila drinkers (Mexicans!), and have a couple recommendations: Don Julio, anejo, as an aperitif, and Sauza's Hornitos, reposado, for mixing into margaritas (smooth and smoky). I'd never turn down El Jimador, but I'd check and make sure Hornitos isn't in stock first. For a simpler, workaday alternative to the margarita, just mix your tequila, a bit of lime juice, and some San Pelligrino pompelmo for a quick and easy treat. Amazing how the grapefruit and the agave go together. Mexicans drink this all the time...though they use Squirt or other, less juicy, grapefruit sodas.

    1. Thank you, Amy. I learned only recently about the grapefruit drink, and that it is far more popular by far in Mexico. The San Pellegrino suggestion is brilliant Can't wait to try.

  3. We love Margaritas and have several different recipes in our repertoire. Our current favourite makes good use of pink grapefruit juice and Campari.
    As soon as it's terrace weather though, my husband calls for the classic and we start squeezing those limes.


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