Saturday, February 2, 2013

Groundhog Day

Happy Groundhog Day, y'all!

To celebrate please view our New York groundhogs over in The New York Times' City Room (or just pick up a print version of the paper).

I find it rather funny, but mostly very nice, that Vince and I both have a groundhog picture in the article. It's not like we specialize in rodent photography. But, Go, Team Groundhog! Thanks to Marielle Anzelone (NYC Wildlfower Week) for alerting us to the need for groundhog images. We are very pleased they made the cut.

Of course, the photo at the top of the Time's article is terribly ugly. Taken by the man who is passionate about beautiful landscapes. The close up groundhog, looks mean, too. That was Staten Island, last May* - you can see more creatures spotted on that trip in the link.

I photographed this groundhog in Green-Wood late last summer, and we hope to see him/her again.

In other news...Oh, wait. There's no other news. Sorry.

That's it.

But is there a groundhog equivalent of New Brunswick stew?

Just thought I'd ask.

** Turns out this groundhog can be christened. I name him...Garfinkel: see Frank's post.


  1. I had a groundhog, then a groundhog family at my house where I lived before we moved here. the groundhog alone was OK. She would nibble plants like a rabbit. Then, she exploded into a litter. That was trying. They ate my tomatoes and I had the hardest time trying to garden with them. They were a joy to watch though. They would run around like excited puppies. They chirped. They would love to climb the trees. I eventually never saw them again. It seems they moved on. the mother was gone as well. Perhaps it was her time. They don't live very long. After they were gone, i was glad for my garden, but I still feel sad that they aren't chirping and bounding up trees any more. I miss them.

    1. I had no idea they climbed trees! or that they are the same as wood chucks...I thought it was a different animal.

      David Burg (who was quoted in the Times article) says they are also called "whistle pigs"...

    2. The farther you get from the city, the more names for em you'll hear. Congrats on the photos.

    3. Yes! They make a whistle/chirp combination which is very cute. I didn't know about the tree thing either until I looked up more about them after watching the babies hang like koalas on my walnut tree. I had a moment where I thought mine were precocious from eating all my tomatoes. :)

  2. the movie 'groundhog day' is one of my favorites... the mystical nature of "dayeen, dayoud".. wood chucks are a terrible nuisance in the garden: I didn't know that they were groundhogs. Competing goals: humans, nature.

  3. I think it should be Groundfinkel...

  4. Have never actually seen a live one. Lots of non-live, tho.


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