Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Flowers till frost

Corydalis lutea, growing behind the little violets on the floor of the terrace. The corydalis grew from a seed - it can self seed aggressively - shed by a plant I bought two years ago and which expired (in the New Dawn's pot, I think) and I have waited two years for it to grow big enough to be interesting. This is its year. I'll probably snip off the flowers before they set seed, to save myself some future weeding. I like its feathery foliage and the fact that it will bloom almost till frost -the bright yellow flowers resemble its cousin's, bleeding heart (Dicentra...).

It grows very effectively at the BBG, in a rock wall. I grew it in a wall, too, once, in my only other American garden, wrapped by narrow, high walled brick, in Old Town, Alexandria. About a million years ago.

Perhaps it took me this long to want it, again.

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