Wednesday, April 17, 2013

News from the roof farm

Microgreens are standing shoulder to shoulder. This is the spicy mix from Botanical Interests.

I picked all the kale flowers last night. We ate them, quick-pickled, in Vietnamese leaf wraps.

I sipped and gin and tonic as I watered the lettuces, the fava beans and peas (the last two very slow to emerge, a bit concerning...)

And I looked at the new rooftops across the street where the Amity Street Horror is still being transformed into luxury residences complete with shower, and the glassy penthouses of the brand new Henry Street townhouses, whose construction brings a daily wake up call of pneumatic drills digging holes for sewer lines, and the occasional hitting of a water main. They are just about done. Soon, we will have neighbours.

I am grateful for the street oak trees whose leaves (if they have survived their brutal treatment during construction) will give us all some privacy.

(Except that showering person...)

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