Friday, April 5, 2013

Planting lilies

My friend (whose appetite is returning) and I had a happy fifteen minutes planting the lily bulbs which arrived yesterday. It was chilly out, and I was harbouring an incipient sniffle. They can't sit around, though, and must be planted at once. Three 'Silver Scheherazade' - I ordered these late bloomers so that we'll still have lilies to enjoy when we return from South Africa in summer. Then 'Madame Butterfly', another late bloomer and a Lilium henryi hybrid;  a gorgeous-looking thing - turkscap shape with apricot throat and green stripes; and finally Seafarer - perhaps my favourite lily ever, which will probably bloom without us, unless it is very early, which I doubt. I will be very sad to miss it, but I am happy that either Amy or Dinah will enjoy them.

(What if they hate lilies!?)

I wonder if I can persuade someone to come and take pictures in mid June... it's weird leaving the terrace in the middle of its best growing season.

We will be in cool Cape Town, and then up, far north, amongst leopards and monkeys and ground squirrels and elephants and rhino poachers. I have not seen the Kruger Park since I was a little girl. We'll have a tent for part of it, and be in self catering cottages for the rest. It's funny, now I am beginning to be excited. Vince and I have not taken roadtrip together for three years.

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