Saturday, April 20, 2013

The first spring crop

The cat gardened with me yesterday evening - sitting at his post on Raccoon House's tattered roof.

I had not visited the roof in two days and that was enough for the microgreens to turn into teenage versions of their macro selves. 

In short, I had to pull most of the radishes, now clearly identifiable as radishes by their furry secondary leaves, or they would be inedible as salad leaves.

I believe this is called a mess o' radishes.

After nipping off their roots we ate them entire with our supper, in a dressing of red wine vinegar, mustard and olive oil.

What's the green stuff in the bowl? Whizzed up parsley, cilantro, sorrel-from-the-roof, raw garlic, lime juice, a powerful chile, sugar, salt and olive oil, to dress our slices of Friday night steak. Vince and I fell prey to a sore throat and sniffle within days of one another and this chimichurri/salsa verde/raw green sauce was the best cold-virus insult I could think of.


  1. Your rooftop must be a different zone than our garden. Look at your beautiful teenage greens!

    We have teeny tops sticking out of our radish plants, but nothing really to report in, except my 2nd asparagus spear on the driveway! (but taking their sweet ass time in the garden).

  2. Ah, the green sauce, which I know I will love.

  3. Your baby radishes are gorgeous. We still have a chance for a freeze about once a week around here.

    Hope the two of you feel better soon.

  4. Perfect cold cure : ) tasty too

  5. The green sauce looks yummy - the spicier the better. So...when I thin my regular radishes, I can eat the cast offs? Cool!


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