Friday, April 12, 2013

Local flavors

Field garlic and asparagus. The asparagus is not from these parts. I know, because these parts told me that their asparagus came up two days ago (hi, Stacey). Jersey. Points south.

I confess: Trader Joe's. Organic. California. BIG truck.

Does my tiny, mass transit, foraged field garlic carbon foot make up for that?


They tasted really good, roasted together. The only bit of the field garlic that remains inedible is the tough part of the stalk between tender, sweet bulb and green chive-y leaves.

And they will be fine to harvest for several more weeks, and then again in fall. Local asparagus will appear soon.

What will you do with yours, wherever you are?

Asparagus, I mean?


  1. When I saw the photo of the spears at first, I said to myself "where the heck did Marie get local asparagus from?".
    Ha! Peru isn't that far away!
    Soon, soon! Another few weeks. I will bring you a bunch special delivery. I will have a field of them to harvest!
    Bon Weekend!!

  2. Ok, California, not Peru. You are still a locavore, left or right coast, what does it matter?

  3. Please forgive me. I couldn't stop myself. I tried. (small boice) I bought some Mexican asparagus yesterday.I'll probably steam it, drizzle some EV oil over it and shave some Parmesan on it.And try to ignore my conscience.

  4. Grill, roast, steam, saute and stir-fry ... not necessarily in that order.


  5. Every year I am lucky enough to have a husband walk through the door bearing a 3, 4 or 5 lb bag of freshly picked asparagus from his Amish friends. After a few meals of asparagus unadorned I'll make a cream sauce to put over the spears and serve it over toast.


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