Thursday, May 24, 2012

What's potting up top?

Two days of solid rain were followed by some real humidity. Things are growing. I am falling behind, with some tomatoes still to plant out...I was consumed by pigweed all day yesterday - long story, oink - and must get back up to the roof this evening with another pot or two and some soil. Then there's that impulse-buy heliotrope that needs potting up on the terrace. And do I have enough basil?  

The nasturtiums are settling in and I have to hold back. I steal a leaf or two every night for a salad.

There are the potatoes. Those pots will be free at the end of June. What shall I put in them? Perhaps the pasilla peppers, slower to take off than most.

The roof strawberries are all ripe. 

And there are the cocozelle, round summer squash, direct-sown. I think they may take over the rooftop.

I left half a dozen fava beans  to see what would happen. They are very happy. I evicted the others, as I needed the pots for tomatoes and cucumbers. I pick these almost every day, for salad, but I'll see what happens in terms of actual beans, now.

June approaches. How did that happen?


  1. You get lots more sun than me. My strawberries are itty bitty yellow things. My potato plants are long and winnowy. My rose still hasn't bloomed.

  2. i am very jealous of your strawberries. Mine are still greenish but they are coming. The plant is kinda taking over the garden.
    My roses haven't bloomed either.I am learning that mother nature doesn't listen to when I want things. She takes her own time.
    Congrats on the salads ;-)

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