Thursday, May 24, 2012

What's potting up top?

Two days of solid rain were followed by some real humidity. Things are growing. I am falling behind, with some tomatoes still to plant out...I was consumed by pigweed all day yesterday - long story, oink - and must get back up to the roof this evening with another pot or two and some soil. Then there's that impulse-buy heliotrope that needs potting up on the terrace. And do I have enough basil?  

The nasturtiums are settling in and I have to hold back. I steal a leaf or two every night for a salad.

There are the potatoes. Those pots will be free at the end of June. What shall I put in them? Perhaps the pasilla peppers, slower to take off than most.

The roof strawberries are all ripe. 

And there are the cocozelle, round summer squash, direct-sown. I think they may take over the rooftop.

I left half a dozen fava beans  to see what would happen. They are very happy. I evicted the others, as I needed the pots for tomatoes and cucumbers. I pick these almost every day, for salad, but I'll see what happens in terms of actual beans, now.

June approaches. How did that happen?
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