Monday, May 7, 2012

A weekend in New York

I went hunting for tropical fruit in Chinatown on Friday. I was not expecting to find stalls overflowing with mangosteens and rambutans (pictured, above, with mangos). I had hoped for dragonfruit. And yes, they were there, too.

Chinatown vendors are not known for their friendly chattiness. These guys were different. And Thai. They hunted their pockets in vain for a card when I asked their names, so they remain nameless, but I will go back to talk some more. Warm, forthcoming and superb fruit ambassadors.

Their stall is on the south side of Canal Street, near the corner of Mulberry. I bought mangosteens (expensive - and very much worth it - at $8 a pound), rambutans, and a dragon fruit. Round the corner I found tiny mangos, and loaded up on those. 

Later I visited GRDN (Hoyt Street, Brooklyn) and bought some beautiful dish towels that will double as serving mats. In their garden butterflies danced. The one on the right is a red admiral, part of the largest red admiral migration in recorded history

A break on the rooftop, for Friday evening drinks. A glittering evening. From another rooftop, Coco the cat, in the arms of her owner, Nora, waved. They went downstairs before Estorbo could wave back. He was a little distracted.

I pulled out some of the favas and peas to make way for tomatoes.

The Brandywines are in.

Sundowners and a metal sky. People in it, traveling.

And our supper, down below. Roadkill chicken. 

Saturday night, and friends came over for supper.

We ended with mangosteens - delectable.

And Sunday, all the way at the end of line (No. 1 train to the Bronx), we discovered Van Cortlandt Park. More poison ivy than I have seen in a long time, and also more oaks. We'll be back in mushroom season. 

And more butterflies, too. 


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