Sunday, May 6, 2012

Roses on the table

A soft Saturday night, with low cloud and open roses.

The best moment: Cutting the blooms that grow within a few feet of the door and arranging them in water for humans to enjoy; the same pleasure we have sought sought for hundreds of years (thousands?). Petals. Perfume.

To grace a dinner table, for friends.

...Who come from the neighbourhood and sit at the table and breathe other voices into this small space. 


  1. Beautiful! What is in the carafe?

  2. It is such a joy to see your pictures first thing in the morning - Roses in May! Beautiful.
    Did you see the moon last night? In Honolulu it rose over Diamond Head seemingly close enough to touch. Happy Sunday!

  3. Marie--> you give such joy to your blog readers with your exquisite photos and lovely words; they're poetry even- Thanks so much-

  4. Beautiful! It has been cool enough here in the PNW that my roses haven't started to bloom yet! The lilacs that are usually done by May Day are just starting to flower.

  5. Freshly cut roses have the power to take my breath away- so lovely!

  6. Marie

    Dit is Trudie uit PE. Jou rose maak my Maandagoggend in ons herfsland so kleurvol!

    Ek het Woensdag uit die Karoo gery en by Daggaboer se padstad gestop. Verbaas om te sien daar is 'n uitdruk van jou blog "post" op die stoep opgeplak.

    Wens ek kan jou eendag ontmoet!

  7. Could sense the softness of the evening. Lovely :)


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