Thursday, May 31, 2012

Boerum Hill's fences

This looks to me like Betty Corning...a clematis I would love to own. The rose garden at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden has a beautiful example growing over a wire bower, there, but this understated specimen was lovelier for its unexpectedness on Pacific Street in Boerum Hill. A very pretty stretch, actually. I was on my way to find a small boxwood, kindly ordered for me by the people at Dig, on Atlantic Avenue. I may also have bought some wild pink and peach agastache at GRDN, after I failed to find chives. One must find comfort, somewhere...

Mustn't one?

It is the last day of May.


  1. We have several boxwoods in the yard, unfortunately old, large ones. I would, if I could, give them to you. The "perfume" when they bloom does not please me at all. Luckily they are not placed anywhere near a porch.

  2. about six weeks ago i madly chopped all our boxwoods (about 12 of them) back to nothing -- they hadn't been pruned or anything for years. now they are coming back.

    love your blog.

  3. Amy - what? You don't like cat pee??? :-)

    I'm convinced some people have a chemical arrangement that makes that odor plain cat pee. Me, well- acquainted and not in love with cat pee, I interpret it as fresh and green.

    slow panic - ouch! Glad they are fluffing out again. And thank you.

  4. I think box alternates between cat pee and something better. Depends on the variety and the weather.

    The clematis is beautiful.


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