Saturday, May 12, 2012


Somewhere in Africa, fire was first cultivated. In South Africa braaing is a way of life, and involves not gas, but wood or charcoal. I am never quite as happy cooking as when I am dealing with hot coals. Last night we sat outside for the first time, with the roses above us, and the fire still warm at my back. 


  1. I'm transported. Amazing shot. The wall color!

  2. It's memories of sitting outside in the evenings (with a wee bit of wine) that keep me sane thru the winter months! That, and your pictures!

  3. I love your blog!
    I live in southern Finland and its time to make my balcony ready for summer. I found your blog when I was searching some tips.
    Your small balcony is amazing. I love all that rich green and not so many colorful flowers.

    I wish you sunny sunday, it seems that we are going to have sunny day. Long, dark winter is behind.
    (Funny, Frank Sinatra starts to sing New York when Im writing this. My favorite song).

  4. Glad to have transported you, Frank :-)

    webb - yes, wee bits of wine help! Thank you...

    Anna - thank you. We did have a sunny Sunday - I hope you did, too.


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