Monday, May 21, 2012

Day lilies for lunch?

Photo: Vincent Mounier, from Strange Brooklyn Shores

I saw my first day lily buds a couple of days ago. The season approaches.

For salads, pickles, and a steamed vegetable, head for your closest stand of Hemerocallis fulva: that's the naturalized, extra-long-stemmed, fulvous day lily (deep, rich orange, in plain English).

I would say more, but then you wouldn't be tempted to read my essay about eating day lilies for Edible Manhattan. 

(And see if you can spot the sentence I did not write...)


  1. Enjoyed your day lily posting and the possibilities of how to add real zip to a salad... or even a taco... fun!

  2. Thanks, Brenda. Eating flowers always seemed faddy and rather precious to me. I still can't sink my teeth into a delicate nasturtium, but the buds of day lilies really are something else.

  3. My guess for faux sentence is between "multitudinous" and the handbag reference. Do tell! I enjoyed your article and learned a great deal about day lilies.

  4. Wonder if I can get Mitchell to eat them? I have many, many to spare! My next door neighbor keeps encouraging me to take some of hers and move them over here - no thanks!

  5. I'll play. My guess is "But while they're beloved in bouquets...."

  6. Thanks for the posting. I have day lilies in my yard that are orange are they all edible?

    My guess was "Because day lilies belong to the botanical family Liliaceae, they are sometimes confused with the genus Lilium—which can get very unpleasant, as many of those plants have poisonous parts

  7. Sweetgum Thursday, you are the gimlet-eyed winner! :-) Indeed. As a reward would you like some salad seeds? I have some extras from my BBG class. I know, coals to Newcastle, but...Send me your address if yes :-)

    donatella, alas, I really do have heavy lenses in my handbag. I know.. A's a shock.

    martyso, no I'm afraid the Lilium. lily thing was me...


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