Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Van Cortlandt Park

Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx was full of serious Pakistani cricketers. 

And poison hemlock, above.

And hills.

And trees. And poison ivy under them. For wildflowers I should have been there a few weeks earlier, perhaps, before the undergrowth rose up to swallow the forest floor.

A painted lady question mark butterfly. Lots of butterflies.

Below, Van Cortlandt House, the oldest building in the Bronx. Guarded by two tetchy dachshunds who patrolled the wrought iron perimeter.

And then the 1 train back 96th Street, and the optimistically named express (2) from there to Borough Hall...Not photographed - dozens of creamy locust trees in bloom in the Bronx.


  1. I envy your rambles through the wilds of New York. Where I live on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee, we've had quite a few Question Mark butterflies already. I am pretty sure that's the butterfly you photographed for this post. :-)

  2. Whatever "it" is, it is lovely. Have not seen it around here. yet another park for my wish list!

  3. Beautiful butterfy! We don't have Question Mark butterflies in Mariposa, but we do have Painted Ladies.



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