Friday, May 4, 2012

Last Chance Foods

Phew - it's over. I had butterflies, waiting to listen to my knotweed interview with Amy Eddings on WNYC. In the link you'll find the article that producer Joy Wang wrote for Last Chance Foods, to accompany the interview, and a slideshow of my pictures of the uberweed. And there is a wacky photo of me, brandishing weeds (a Steve Brill homage), courtesy of The Frenchman.

If you'd like to listen to what we talked about, just click Play.

I have been an NPR geek ever since I was introduced to it on the 4th of July, sometime in the last century. My radio is tuned to 93.9FM all the time, and to be part of it, briefly, was lovely stuff.

Now we're off to the roof with some gins and bitter lemon. And perhaps a Dorito or two.

(My recent Japanese knotweed recipes are next door at 66 Square Feet (the Food). Check the sidebar for wild and foraged foods...)


  1. You missed a pun opportunity: "whacky," as in how to harvest knotweed.


  2. Woo hoo! You famous! Very good.
    Excellent suggestion regarding the old large stalks.

  3. Nice interview. Good that the Parks and Rec lady didn't say foragers would be shot on sight.

  4. Congratulations! Susan texted me, said she was listening to you talk about knotweed soup.

  5. Wow, Marie, You very adroitly side-stepped legal issues, while encouraging urban foragers! Nice job! I'm sure you would be in hog heaven with the foraging opportunities here in central WI. It is too bad there is not some sort of mutualistic cooperation between those foraging in urban areas and the parks departments of those areas. It could be a win-win for all. Knotweed is not the only invasive you have brought to attention as being delicious. You have also mentioned garlic mustard. Between these two thugs, they must take up a huge part of the time and budget of parks departments.

  6. Told Robin in Surrey UK so he can cook his knotweed in his spare time.
    The soups sounds delicious

  7. Told Robin in Surrey UK so he can cook his knotweed in his spare time.
    The soup sounds delicious


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