Friday, December 30, 2011

Mimi update

Last week Chris emailed me to let me know that when he went back to visit Mimi the young lady cat and Jamie (aka Dragon) at their home under the expressway in the Bronx, no one, and nothing,  had been there. No Mimi, no Jamie, no gang of friend (below), no bedding, no camp. All gone. Bad news.

Turns out that they had been cleared out by the Department of Sanitation. Then, a few days later, they were all back, including Mimi, and fairly mum about the details of what had happened. Apparently that is part of life on the street. Such a home as you may create, might suddenly disappear.

So Mimi is back on schedule to be spayed, probably next Wednesday, if all goes well and everyone stays put.

Chris is collecting blankets to take with him, as all the blankets disappeared, too, and did not reappear after the removal. If you can get blankets to Brooklyn, please leave a note in the comments...
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