Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cherry blossom in December

Prunus subhirtella "Autumnalis" makes its annual appearance on this blog - it excites people in winter and rewards prophets of apocalypse by confirming their worst fears. The Plants Are Confused. But this is one unconfused cherry. She blooms now, and will again in early spring. This tree was in the Bronx. There's also a stunning specimen in Columbus Park in Chinatown which I saw only in the middle of the night, in profuse bloom. Perhaps I'll go back, in sunshine.


  1. I was inspired by you to pick trash in the woods (not in Brooklyn) today. I ended up with one bag full of bottles and one bag full of oyster mushrooms the size of dinner plates. I think I came out ahead. Thanks Marie.

  2. Ours in Vancouver, BC are usually doing something by now, but not this year, which is not a very unusual year so far. Even at their best in the winter, though, ours are so sparsely covered that it's easy to miss the flowers even walking by them.

    I'd be a lot more excited about ours if they looked as nice as this.

  3. Thank you for this tree. I lost three silver birches this year and am looking for something to replace them. I think you have led me to it.

    Happiest Holidays to all.

  4. my blossom tree is starting to flower .we bought it to replace one we had for years that gave up on us ,just hope the weather stayes nice for it ,


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