Monday, December 12, 2011

Mimi needs a little help

Mimi. Photo: Chris Arnade

Dragon lives under an overpass in the South Bronx. I saw his home a few weeks back when I was following Chris Arnade on one of his frequent photographic sorties. Dragon was not in, but I noticed a movement at the back of his shelter and soon the movement became a little, friendly cat. She came to investigate us, above. Later, below, Chris found out that her name is Mimi, and that she is Dragon's pet. They live between hissing lanes of traffic, but they are dry.

Dragon and Mimi: Photo: Chris Arnade

Now, though, Mimi is in heat. She's in the mood for looooooove, and Dragon would be happy to have her spayed. This is not a good place or time for kittens.

Does anyone know a shelter that spays for free? Chris will take her and when Mimi has recovered from her surgery he will return her to Dragon.  I'll be tailing Chris again later this week. Hopefully I'll get to see Mimi...


  1. Oh my goodness. I hope there is a vet clinic to help. It must be quite an experience to spend time with Chris when he's in that area at night. What a good person, taking care of Dragon's cat.
    I am so grateful for my home and being able to care for my animals.

  2. Have you seen this link:

    Maybe this info will help. Best to Dragon and Mimi.


  3. what a beautiful girl mimi is! and an excellent portrait. i live in s.a so can't offer advice, but please keep us readers in the loop.

  4. I do hope that Mimi is spayed before she meets a tom...

  5. What about the local humane society? If they can't do it for free, they might do it cheaply.

  6. Here's a link.

  7. Check this out //

    A "traveling" clinic that serves the greater Hudson Valley. Not sure whether the south Bronx is in their orbit, but it's worth a shot.

    Good luck, Mimi and Dragon.

  8. If it can't be done for free, is it possible to take up a collection to get Mimi spayed?

  9. I pledge to contribute to Mimi's spaying if it can't be done for free. Oh my god that face.

  10. The Toby Project

    The Toby Project's Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic (MSNC) services the Bronx and Queens, offering free spay/neuter for both owned and feral cats. Feral/stray days are on Thursdays, and certified TNR caretakers can schedule the clinic to come to their area. The mobile clinic can accommodate 13-15 cats in traps.

    Rabies vaccine $2.50
    FVRCP vaccine $2.50
    Revolution $9.00
    SNAP $17.00
    Includes eartipping
    To make an appointment for the clinic email Please visit the website for more details:

    The FIP (Ferals in Peril) and TTP (The Toby Project) Free Spay/Neuter Center

    Servicing Brooklyn, Manhattan and Staten Island. Free spay/neuter for ferals, strays and cats belonging to low-income residents. Open 8:00 am Sundays & Mondays (no holidays). 25 cat capacity per day. By appointment only.

    1751 Bath Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11214
    Rabies vaccine - $2.50
    FVRCP vaccine - $2.50
    Revolution - $9.00
    SNAP - $17.00
    Will do abort/spays and pediatric s/n

    Contact: Peter Szalaiko, t-(347) 816-2899 or for appointments and more information.

    If neither can help I'm in for a share. Not only the spay but the shots!

  11. Thanks everyone

    Will update you on how we end up getting this done.

    Step one is to get dragon some blankets Friday and talk over the options

    Thanks again

  12. The ASPCA mobile units can be reached at (877) SPAY-NYC (readable info here: )and the calendar at the bottom says...

    THEY'RE IN THE BRONX TOMORROW! And also Saturday.

    The Toby Project also sends mobile units to the Bronx: (there's an email address there).

    She's a beautiful girl, that Mimi...

  13. Toby project!

    Yes, they very close by on Sunday and Wednesday. Any takers on helping go either day?

  14. Can I paypal some $$?

    katniplounge AT gmail DOT com

  15. Marie

    If dollars are needed, I would love to contribute. Please will you put in some money on my behalf if there is a collection to help get this little cat spayed, and I will re-imburse you when you come to Cape Town later this month.

  16. I would be more than happy to contribute to Mimi`s care.

    Please post where I can send a contribution.

  17. Thanks again. So far it looks like money will not be the issue, as many folks have posted, there are some wonderful very cheap options.

    Thanks again for all the offers of help and the advice.

  18. Any update? I'm not a New Yorker, so could not help with transport since I work 7 days a week currently. How does it look for Mimi and her person?


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