Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas at No. 9

Christmas dinner - my mom made pretty little cakes which were packed up and sent off as doggy bags, later. A starter of smoked Norwegian salmon was silky and creamy with caper berries and shaved fennel and lemon salad - raw lemon meat and preserved lemon rind. Then my carrot and buttermilk soup, cold, and then roast lamb leg, rather overdone - I need more lamb leg practise - with thin crispy potatoes that cooked in its drippings. Dessert a very good pavlova made by my brother, Francois.


  1. Wow! looks wonderful. our turkey was also overdone - don't know why. Maybe it was the weather?

    The Pavlova was lovely. kudoes to your bro! Enjoy your day off - finally! xo

  2. our beef tenderloin was perfectly underdone....but when you spend $29.95 a lb for meat you watch it with eagle eyes.

    Pretty little cakes indeed.

    xo J.

  3. My prime rib came out perfect as did the scalloped potates, but for some reason the gravy was very flat. Yum, it and it is very hard to find here. Hope you're enjoying your trip!


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