Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Going home, leaving home

In Cape Town I look forward to:

My mom's smile
My dad's hug
Tipsy's voice
The wriggling, grunting happiness of two corgi dogs
The fanning tail wave of an old black lab
Driving a real car (yes, that surprised me, too)
Sitting on the patio with a drink (longing, with all my heart, that Vince was beside me, gulp, and he won't be)

Perfect coffee at Melissa's - called a flat white, which might be South African karmic humour
Buying boerewors anywhere
Cashiers in supermarkets who smile and greet you and seem to mean it
Picking flowers from the garden to put on the table
African sunshine
My mother's effortless light lunches

Seeing my old cream bedroom with the long curtains
The sound of birds in the morning
Hadedas yelling as they fly over the house
Tasting the best, red-fleshed figs
Smelling the fynbos on the mountain
Buying the first, muscat-y hanepoot grapes of season

It is a bittersweet trip. I long to share it with Vince, and we just can't this time. We spent a lot of time apart when we first met, separated by this huge continent and a border, and we have been very lucky to spend three consecutive northern winters in South Africa together. So I'll just make the most of it, which is of course not hard to do, lest I sound spoiled. Hunt some stories, take a lot of pictures, and have the pleasure of introducing a friend who has never set foot on the continent to her first taste of Africa.


  1. Safe journey, Marie. Absence makes the heart grow fonder was before Skype makes the heart grow closer, n'est-ce pas? We will look forward to your chronicles from "home". Especially those of us who have never been to SA and long to go someday.

  2. Wishing you safe travels and a wonderful stay.

  3. Bon voyage Marie. No doubt Vince will miss being with you as much as you will miss him, you two are fortunate that way.

  4. “A good marriage is where both people feel like they're getting the better end of the deal.”
    ― Anne Lamott

    Wishing all of you (including Vince and the black cat) a lovely holiday season, filled with great stories to share when you are reunited.

  5. We shall miss you, but hope that you will find time to post a bit while on your journey. And, we are dying to see "your" continent thru Ellen's eyes!

    Travel safely.

    Merry Christmas to all!
    oops ... Felice Navidad!

  6. Safe travels always. I know you'll miss Vince and Estorbo, but Skype may offer some consolation. I look forward to seeing pictures of your mother's garden and meals taken under the trees. Pats to all the animals, including D.A.R.G.s.

  7. Are you off yet?

    If so belated but heartfelt wishes for a lovely holiday and wonderful visit home.

    We'll all keep an eye on Vince:)

    xo J.

  8. Enjoy! That way time will fly :) Looking forward to New Year tales of far away x

  9. Oh! your'e "home" for Christmas...love reading your poetry especially about my home country.
    Enjoy, and take lots of photos of your mother's garden so we can all have a peek.
    Go well.

  10. Safe journey. The morning birds, the garden, the lunches, it all sounds beautiful.

  11. Safe journey and happy homecoming to you. (At both ends of the journey!)

  12. I'd forgotten about the "hadedas"...enjoy enjoy!

  13. I will be there with you in my imagination and heart. Enjoy!!!!!

    Oh, and it's four (4) consecutive northern winters together in South Africa... ;-)


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