Friday, December 16, 2011

Frank's irises

Frank gave me iris buds from his side garden on Tuesday, at our last Litter Mob, and last night they started to unfurl their transparent yellow petals. And they have a scent.  A very good one. Thin and high and pale and spicy.

And now I head into the South Bronx. I may meet Mimi, and I may meet Dragon.

NYC: Land of irises and dragons.


  1. Skritches to Mimi. She looks like one of my neighbor's cats who re-located to my deck. Patches was a pure spirit.

  2. What a wonderful gift! The color and the fragrance in December. He's a friend indeed! enjoy.

  3. I never noticed the yellow edges against paler petals. We have another stalk up now, wondering if it'll mature enough to bloom before we leave!


  4. Well, I'm confused. Is this a new variety of iris?? That bloom in December??

  5. Double bloomers Kellye, and they do so from October until freeze knocks them out!

  6. Thanks Frank. I'm going to get me some bulbs...


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