Monday, December 12, 2011

Mimi needs a little help

Mimi. Photo: Chris Arnade

Dragon lives under an overpass in the South Bronx. I saw his home a few weeks back when I was following Chris Arnade on one of his frequent photographic sorties. Dragon was not in, but I noticed a movement at the back of his shelter and soon the movement became a little, friendly cat. She came to investigate us, above. Later, below, Chris found out that her name is Mimi, and that she is Dragon's pet. They live between hissing lanes of traffic, but they are dry.

Dragon and Mimi: Photo: Chris Arnade

Now, though, Mimi is in heat. She's in the mood for looooooove, and Dragon would be happy to have her spayed. This is not a good place or time for kittens.

Does anyone know a shelter that spays for free? Chris will take her and when Mimi has recovered from her surgery he will return her to Dragon.  I'll be tailing Chris again later this week. Hopefully I'll get to see Mimi...

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