Monday, December 12, 2011

The varmint

Dude, you need to wipe your face. Got some fluff thing goin' on there. And you owe me for those greens up on the roof. You owe me.

Two words. One of them is French, but if you concentrate you'll grasp it. Read my lips: Squirrel. Pâté 

I have knife skills.


  1. Ha! This is a funny post. Squirrels are such a nuisance.

  2. Oh non !!! don't kill the squirrel. He is so cute.

  3. Denise - only this year. Next year we go Alcatraz with the greens.

    Delphine - no, I won't really. I'm all talk. But the holes he makes are not cute.

  4. Not only are they a nuisance, but sometimes they bring friends!! I have no suggestions to make other than cages around the greens. But the little buggers are persistent and will eventually find a way around that, and sooner than you would like. Good luck!

  5. Your reply to Delphine saved you!

    Does the grey one still come to visit?

  6. Just this morning I had to chase a squirrel out of one of my pots where he had dug up a tulip bulb and was happily munching away on it. The squirrels here just sneer at the the cats....

    I have have stuck tomato cages over my greens with some success...or the squirrels just don't like argula...


  7. Looks like a job for Don Estorbo! and, yes, squirrel is good - takes like chicken!

  8. Our squirrels pelt us with half-eaten pine cones, but have stayed clear of the produce thus far. We have deer issues in our garden. I have to agree with Delphine, he is cute! But you have a cad deterrent, yes?


  9. It "is" currently squirrel hunting season in NY.


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