Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Make a wish and close your eyes...

Surprise...I walked down Baltic Street, on the way to Smith Street to look for a small gift for Vince's mom, Germaine. She was taken ill yesterday and is in hospital, and Vince is traveling on the Adirondack to Montreal. It is tough being far away.

I stopped at the house with the pretty windowboxes, where last year I took these photos (and wondered out loud who gardened there). I had just turned to notice the pollen-fat pussy willow on the sidewalk, when someone called, You like my pussy willow?

Yes, I smiled, and met Peggy Herron. She's a garden designer. But of course.

We talked about praying mantis sex and bees and Cobble Hill honey and penthouses with petunias, squirrels that bite, climbing raccoons and pussy willow, and she told me to make a knot in one of its branches and make a wish. When the wish comes true, you come and undo the knot, she said, And thank the pussy willow. So my knot is there, on Baltic Street, with my wish. One of Peggy's wishes is in it, too. 

I told her that I have often stopped here and enjoyed her garden. She didn't laugh when I told her the size of mine.

Peggy allowed me to take a picture of her, but through no fault of her own it is not good and I shall ask her if I may try again. She and her garden have given me an idea.


  1. I hope your wish comes true Marie.

  2. Sending good thoughts to Vince, his mother, and you.

  3. Thank you - Germaine is at home right now and resting. Vince should get there soon. The train takes forever.

  4. I just stumbled into your blog from Small but Charming. Your photos are gorg and I LOVE this post! I love when you meet a new kindred spirit. Steve

  5. Hi Steve - thank you :-) Shall be visiting..


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