Friday, March 11, 2011

Viburnum × bodnantense 'Dawn'

Just opening on Baltic Street, complete with Bird.

If I had a garden that was more than a little terrace, I would like this delicate-looking tree in it. 


  1. This is a plant I not only don't know, I've never even heard of it. Dirr gives a mixed review. Can you give us any other details? Fall color? Habit? Your pic is stunning! Thanks for teaching me a new plant :)

  2. Not yet, Jane, but it will!

    Hey Paul - this is the only one I have ever seen, and have photographed it for three years. It is a slender little tree about 12 feet tall with single trunk, and with branches that grow at exact right angles to the trunk, giving it almost a radially espaliered appearance...Very pretty. Grows facing south but on a tree-lined street so that it is very shaded in summer. Obviously hardy, I'd say we border between Z6b and 7 at street level in this hood. Summer and fall not special, but I think it is lovely.

  3. The new picture of the flowers is gorgeous! I wish my monitor was scratch and sniff.

    Thanks for the extra info. I'm now on the lookout for one :)


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