Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bat's blood

Jumping Jehosaphat, I got a fright when I poured this wine. I nearly dropped the bottle. I thought I had opened a bottle of prosecco, just bought at the Brooklyn Wine Exchange. Prosecco - clear, straw yellow? The cork popped and everything. And then out came this, the colour of arterial blood. With bubbles!

It is a Lambrusco, an oft-despised (as overly sweet) Italian sparkling wine, this one produced by Medici Ermete. Once I had recovered from the shock we decided we liked it - it was dry, bright, very good with food - and drank it on another two nights.


  1. Used to get a great Lambrusco at a now-defunct pizza joint. Loved it, but the color is a bit difficult. Glad you enjoyed it, but how in the world did you mistake it for Prosecco!

  2. Imagine the size of the bat that produced that!

  3. webb - the prosecco we often buy has a dark green bottle, so one never sees the clear wine inside. I thought this dark bottle was the same. It didn't say Lambrusco on the label, just the estate name :-)

    Estorbo is still out hunting for it, Anne. I think that is why he hasn't written anything lately.


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