Friday, March 25, 2011

Prunus subhirtella

The first prunus blossoms. Borough Hall, after crossing many lanes of traffic after emerging from the the Jay Street subway station, the greyness, the downtown-ness, and then you look up and see this delicate pink cherry blossom. Prunus subhirtella (possibly "Autumnalis"), which has the good grace to bloom just before winter, and just after, never in a foaming, Kanzan way, but sparingly, a little painfully, as though it hurts a bit. And maybe it does. It is cold out there.


  1. Milwaukee bleak in spirit and nary a bloom, blade, sprig or twig in sight! I will be in New York City in May.. (how I love saying this part) as my grandchild Savanna is playing viloin at Carnegie Hall (I know!!) hope to be able to see you and meet Vince and have a dop and possible even a jol

  2. Really? That's wonderful! How old is Savannah and what is the concert (?). So does that mean Savannah is my...2nd cousin, half something something? Totally up for both dops and jols :-)


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