Wednesday, March 30, 2011

When to plant peas

They say

- that peas like the cold. That even below freezing is OK. So I planted them.

They are under the Brooklyn sky now, all on their own. The roof farm 2011 has begun.


  1. They say to plant peas on "George Washington's birthday" in February. I've always wondered "in which zone?" but it seems to be working for you. Enjoy!

  2. I plan to sow mine directly. Now? God knows it's cold enough!


  3. My peas have been in the ground for three weeks and thank you very much cold weather because while they haven't succumbed to the freezing, they haven't grown an inch since planting!

  4. hooray! i planted some in 1/2-length papertowel tubes a few weeks ago & i will plant some more this w/e. then the voles in my garden will have something to eat

  5. I've been observing what gardeners do in other parts of the country and analogous zones. Your planting pea transplants caught my eye. Here, in the upper Midwest, where Mark Twain so famously opined, "Don't like the weather, wait 20 minutes;" we have a hard time with wild weather swings." Gardeners I know, start their peas in the ground, with admittedly mixed results. I referenced your blog on mine and suggested planting pea transplants might be a best practice to be encouraged in our area.

    By the way the weather here is hovering around freezing and we are getting a forecasted 6-9" of snow, today, more farther north.


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