Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I have...


Linaria purpurea, from my mom's garden. It's beautiful, and allegedly hardy to Zone 3. I have never seen it here. I will hopefully have more seedlings than I can use, so...

Purple opium poppies, also from my mom's garden. Not sure how wise this is, not because of opium but because they are so short-lived. But it's an experiment.
Three varieties of tomato just bought at ever-lovely GRDN on Hoyt Street. I was optimistically sniffing about for violas or pansies for the terrace: all from Seed Savers Exchange - Tomatoes are Austin's Red Pear, Red Zebra and Lemon Drop. I also bought almost-white nasturtiums, for leaf-eating and pretty flowers. Has to be spring fever. Nasturtiums!
Some Seneca sunflowers seeds that Christina Kelly gave me last year.
And some wild-gathered seeds, Apios americana, or US-native ground nut. These came from a frigid lake edge in Pennsylvania, gathered the weekend I went up to visit with Ellen to photograph (and drink!) her wine. The flowers are pretty and scented and I would like to try the tubers.

Root pruned:

The agastache. I've already pruned the fig and the Japanese forest grass.


With the cat, till he could play no more


To the the owners of the delicious-smelling plant behind the high green wall. I have been invited to come and see. It is a witch hazel...


Malva pudding, for the first time. The Frenchie ran down the length of Manhattan, towards home, on a 30km loop. He has announced that he will tackle the New York Marathon this year. This surprised me. He is not a crowd kind of guy. I hoped that the promise of pudding might prove inspirational. Version One was not bad. Version Two considerably better. One more tweak and perfection awaits.

Roast chicken. Because it was time.


  1. Malva pudding and roast chicken !!!
    Go go go !!!

  2. Version 2 was delicious and the New York Marathon can wait!

  3. Toadflax!

    A friend of mine teaches in Decora Iowa, where seedsavers is. I'm hoping for a visit this June when we're in Minnesota.

  4. I sowed some leeks today. Yeah for March 1st!!

  5. Hen...OK!

    Beence - really?

    Frank - toadflax! Of course when I look up toadflax it says invasive. Maybe only the yellow kind? she says, hopefully...

    Meems - outside, inside?


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