Sunday, March 27, 2011


Scratch dinner. Can of good tuna in olive oil, a leftover tomato, one stray egg, two abandoned scallions, a last, lurking branch of broccoli, (blasphemous in such a salad), blanched; a cold baked potato from dinner the night before, cut into batons and toasted in olive oil. I always add leaves though this practise is variously frowned upon and scoffed at; mine were arugula. Also raw beetroot, because I love it. Bringing it all together a vinaigrette with a little cream or yogurt whisked in. And then this is a very good supper.


  1. Perfect! Just the sort of meal I eat all the time.

  2. Niçoise makes me think of Summer days.

    Good Tuna is the key!

  3. Chica, how delicious! Mees you!!! Cons

  4. We love Nicoise! never thought of broccoli, but why hot? you had tuna and vinaigrette - the rest is definitely optional.

  5. Helen - we should eat it more often...

    Rob - I know, out of season, but it was such a gorgeous day. Now you Sir, are closer to the origin...

    It was yummy Monica, if messy.

    Cons - chiiiicaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I meess you more. I will write. I am sorry. xxx

    webb - broccoli is so wrong. But it's what we had. Usually I use green beans, which I adore, but they have nothing in them, nutritionally speaking.

  6. YUM. OK, clearly time for lunch.


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