Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gowanus Nursery

In the great nursery reshuffle, Michele Paladino's Gowanus Nursery has relocated to the corner of Van Brunt and Carroll Streets, still in Red Hook. This will be the third move for the nursery. It is far from its orginal site near the native, fuel-rainbowed swamp for which it is named.

Construction on site means that plant space is limited but already there was a characteristically unusual plant on display outside - an Edgeworthia papyrifera, the fragrant, late-winter-blooming shrub with deceptively plump and tender branches making it look as though it could not possibly survive freezing temperatures. The one in the perennial beds at the BBG must look perfect round about now. It is huge.

The Gowanus Nursery is currently open on Saturdays and Sundays. Maybe a good idea to call ahead: 718-852-3116.


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  1. Marie,
    I am interested to hear about your local nurseries closing down or moving. I wonder if its a world-wide trend?

    Here in the Constantia Valley (I use the term loosly) there are 3 of our nurseries that either have closed, or will be closing by the end of the year. I used these Nurseries for different gardening supplies, one for visiting periodically to see what specials Peter had brought from his farm to sell at the Nursery (Goemans), one for other sorts of unusual plants and odds and sods,(Greenpiece Nursery) often picking up bargains, and the third, which used to be Blue Mountains Nursery, was visited only as a last resort, if I couldn't get what I was looking for anywhere else- and often got the item here!

    All three nurseries have and will make a big gap in our local gardening community and I, for one, will mourn their demise.


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