Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Spring fashion

Sometimes, it just finds you.

I don't know how it found my shopping bags, which live on the landing with our shoes, and our neighbor's shoes, and the odd tennis racket. But there it was when I picked the bags up and slung them over my shoulder. I may have squeaked a bit.

The cat finds them on the terrace occasionally, and shows every intention of eating them. I can't stand the sight of green blood, so they are confiscated. He has caught two tobacco hornworm moths. I increased his pocket money.

And then there is the caterpillar on the Brandywine on the roof, noticed last night as I picked some last tomatoes. That one, well. That one is being dealt with by Nature. And trust me, my methods, and the cat's, are kind by comparison. 

Now the wind is tearing across the terrace and I have lifted the fig down from the edge, and the smaller pots that are vulnerable. 

Rain is coming.

*** Please vote in the Poll on the left in the sidebar for the best collective noun for this produce. The winner receives tickets to the Edible Garden festival at the NYBG this Sunday.

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