Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pink gin

I regret - deeply - not having made more red currant gin in June. I love it. I think we sampled the first batch when the New York Times came to visit in July, and then I eked the rest out every now and then. Fortunately Vince doesn't like it as much as I do.

It is tart, not sweet at all, and there is little more sediment than I would like in the liquor. Could it be lycopenes again? As in tomato and autumn-olive juice? The black currants (and their gin is divine, too, in a very different way) were sedimentless.

So I had some of the gin last night on the roof as I thinned my greens. It is misleadingly amber in the sinking sun. The rainbow chard seedlings have made rainbows, already, and the mixed lettuce is very...purple. In amongst a zillions seedlings three are green. Interesting.

And next year's red currants are very, very far away.
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