Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Flowers for cutting

This is why I grow roses. For this moment. We have had days of roses. The two that I banished from the terrace - the ailing Pat Austin and Abraham Darby, sprang to life on the roof, just to show me. Their replacements are in bud, but not in bloom yet.

The scent of the wide open pink is fruity, heady...

After cutting them I put them in very hot water for ten minutes, to help them last.

It is a hard heart that does not love a rose. They melt me.

(Bottles are from Dead Horse Bay, the glass is from Bowery Kitchen Supply at the Chelsea Market.)


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. I can smell them from here.

  2. Hey! Could you explain the hot-water-flowers-preservation trick? Fascinating!

  3. yes, please explain the hot water trick.

  4. I can't explain the hot water trick. My mother told me to do it. So I do. And it really does make them last longer.

  5. beautiful marie! i didn;t know about the hot water--I am waiting for my second batches....

  6. Ok, so do you mean the hottest tap water we have? or do we need to microwave a bit? thanks. they smell good from here. xo

  7. BonBon, I dreamed you had a garden, seven feet wide but long. Where are your roses??

    webb - my mom always uses just-boiled water. I use hothothot from the tap.

  8. Hi! I'm new to your wonderful blog- What went wrong with your Abraham Darby? We've had one for about 4 years, and they are divine!! They don't flower enough for me, but that's probably because I don't fertilize regularly...


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