Saturday, December 31, 2011

Menu for a Summer Lunch

Our menu for our Tweede Nuwe Jaar lunch under the tree is taking shape. January 2nd, "Second New Year", is the traditional day when the Cape Minstrels take to the streets to parade in Mardi Gras-like colours and garb, playing and singing in the New Year. Perhaps I can get out the gramophone for our own musical tribute. All it needs is cranking. Except that rain threatens. If it's wet we'll make a plan, but it will be Interesting.

So lunch is looking like this, based on what my early morning shopping turned up:

Tweede Nuwe Jaar Menu

Chilled Bing Cherry and Buttermilk Soup with Sparkling Rosé


Red Pepper Mousse

Burrata with Cherry Tomatoes and Purple Basil


Baby Chickens Roasted with Garden Herb Stuffing

Fennel, Fig, Goat Cheese and Preserved Lemon Salad with Fresh Lemon Dressing

Nectarine and Basil Salad with Shallot Dressing

Marinated Vegetables


Warm Blackberry Crumble with Thick Cream

Grenadilla Crunchy-Sugar Pavlova

(Or should I make a delicate black chocolate tart instead? Or an almond and chocolate tart? Help!)

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