Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Green is a colour

As I walked down a path the other day at the BBG, during the cherry blossomless cherry blossom festival, I heard a man saying loudly and sarcastically into his Blackberry, in a real Brooklyn accent, Oh look, there's green! And...there's green also. And I see some more green! My God, there's so much colour here I don't think I can stand it! It's so colourful here! - he ended in disgust.

Grrr, I thought.

Green. What do people see, sometimes? There are a hundred greens. Dark, bright, pale, yellow, blue, grey, shiny, matte, furry, glossy, soft, mottled, saturated, iridescent, opaque, delicate, loud. Green is gorgeous. Green keeps us alive.

The corner above, a study in green, is lovely, and is shown from the Magnolia Plaza. It is all about texture, and green, and form, and I love it.
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