Friday, December 18, 2009

Seasons without and within

The 'herb garden' on the roof today in blue-skyed, -7'C/19'F December. Hard to believe this depressed little collection can fluff out into the rose and catnip of May 2008, below.

Below, August 2009.

We leave soon on a snowy train ride to Montreal, for Christmas with Vincent's family. Then we're back in New York for New Year and his greencard interview, and leave again in the middle of January for sunny South Africa.

An apparently budding novelist will be looking after Estorbo while we are away, and hopefully finding enough solitude to do what writers do.

We are not sure where we will travel once in South Africa, on a side trip from Constantia, where we stay at my parents' house in my mother's beautiful garden, with lunches under the tree, and flowers everywhere. We are thinking of the Kruger Park (thanks Guy, for the tips!), in the north, or the Karoo National Park, in the middle...or maybe we'll stick to the Western Cape. Beauty is not in short supply at the southern tip of Africa. We will post our travels here...

We will come back to this little apartment in very early spring, and to this beloved little terrace. The lease is up at the end of March, and we may or may not move into a new place. A lot of things are up in the air at the moment and changes are afoot. Where they will lead, we know not yet, but we think, and hope, that they will be very good, with flowers, herbs, a happy cat, inspiration and cooking under the stars.

And friends to share the journey, either with us in cyberspace, or with us in person.
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