Sunday, January 5, 2014

Spicy fruit buns

I made the dough yesterday evening, leaving the rising of the buns themselves to the cool night kitchen, while we slept. This morning I brushed them with egg wash and baked them. The Sunday apartment smells like cloves and cinnamon and allspice and mahlab (the latter, a last-minute idea).

The recipe is in the April chapter of 66 Square Feet - A Delicious Life, opposite the picture of the farmers market anemones. It is still far from anemone weather.

If you have the book, and make the buns, I found an omission, last night, the kind of thing that makes an author's blood run cold: one instruction went missing in the editing process. Add the spices to the flour. It's all there in the ingredients, but that sentence somehow got the chop. Shiver.

Still, I love these buns. Not too sweet, yet fragrant, and with that wonderful stickiness from the sugar-water glaze, applied as they are slid, singing hot from the oven.
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