Sunday, January 12, 2014

Blood orange

We traveled downstream yesterday afternoon, under the city covered in light rain, and up onto Broadway at 72nd Street. At Fairway I found blood oranges and sunflower shoots, and upland cress. We stopped at Zabar's on 81st and ate melted cheese sandwiches and then rode home again, carrying heavy bags across the muddy subway platform.

At home I sliced celery stalks thinly, and mixed them with chunks of a peeled apple that had not browned after five days in the fridge (it was labeled organic - is it true that only GM apples do not brown?). I tossed these in a dressing for a slaw: mayonnaise, vinegar, a little sugar and salt. I surrounded the heap of celery and apples with a moat of blood orange and filigreed it with greens over which I dripped a little of our neighbour's olive oil.


  1. Beautiful, and it sounds tasty.
    I am enjoying your book--savoring it one month at a time.

    Last week I was in NY and had the potato pancakes at Zabar's cafe. Delicious (and only $2.50).

  2. If I had not just finished breakfas, I'd have been looking for an orange.maybe,lunchtime...
    About GM v organic...when I was little, no one knew about GM and most things were organically grown. Apples from one tree at home (very like today's Royal Gala) kept very well,apples from the other tree practically went brown if you so much as looked at them! They were used for jellies and stewed to add to other fruits in cooking. I think much depends on whether or not they are treated to stay (ie look!) fresh.

    1. I do not belong to the fanatical group that says because it is GM, it is bad. I don't know that. Nobody knows that.

      The problem with fanaticism/fundamentalism is that under its influence, people stop asking questions - of facts, of producers, of themselves. And then no one learns anything.

      I do, however, want GM foods to be labelled as such.

      I have never seen a peeled apple stay white, though. Have you? Because it's in the news, I wondered about this particular specimen.

  3. I've never known an apple that didn't turn brown when cut either ... and I agree with the labeling of GMO foods. I love how in the moment you are with recipes ... not everyone has the knack of free-form food combinations . This salad combo surprised and intrigued me ... can't wait to make my own version (I'd have to grow my own shoots as we live far from any specialty shops) Reading your posts a always make me feel as if I've gone on a mini tour of NYC .. and not the usual touristy destinations, but the real heart of the place. Love, love your blog!

  4. It looks so good. If only I could get my significant other to eat red oranges, or orange beets, or purple cauliflower. It's like feeding a three year old! Am sure it would be good with "normal" oranges, but not nearly as pretty or as much fun!


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