Tuesday, January 28, 2014

God bless the grass

Goodbye, Pete Seeger.

God bless the grass that grows through the crack.
They roll the concrete over it to try and keep it back.
The concrete gets tired of what it has to do,
It breaks and it buckles and the grass grows through,
God bless the grass.

God bless the truth that fights toward the sun,
They roll the lies over it and think that it is done.
It moves through the ground and reaches for the air,
And after a while it is growing everywhere,
God bless the grass.

God bless the grass that grows through cement.
It's green and it's tender and it's easily bent.
But after a while it lifts up its head,
For the grass is living and the stone is dead,
And God bless the grass.

God bless the grass that's gentle and low,
The roots they are deep and the will is to grow.
And God bless the truth, the friend of the poor,
And the wild grass growing round the poor man's door,
God bless the grass.

Malvinia Reynolds, 1964 - written in reaction to the assassination of John F. Kennedy

as sung by Pete Seeger


  1. Beautiful words and such a sad time for us as the heaven's now have another wonderful voice...

  2. Yes.
    Another Light has gone out.

  3. Another flower is gone, and I've had a lump in my throat all day. May we all live such long, glorious and honest lives.

  4. His was an incredible life. I wish more of us, myself obviously included, had his wisdom, his courage, his sense of perspective.

  5. Met him once in the Berkshires.. He was raking a lawn and I went by on my bike, turned around, introduced myself, and told him how much Deb and I always enjoyed his music--and more importantly, thanked him for his example to all of us. He smiled sweetly, thanked me, and offered something to drink. I declined, rode off and now cherish that moment.

  6. I grew up with a print of Pete Seeger that hung in our living room in the same spot over the fireplace - it still hangs there in my Mother's home in that same spot for all those 50 years. What an inspiration and wonderful soul. He will be missed.

  7. God bless the grass. God bless Pete Seeger.


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