Friday, January 10, 2014


It's a little chilly today - a dusting of snow and a dripping of water from a gutter high overhead.

The cat investigated, briefly. But he said it's for the birds, and retired indoors again, to watch his new flock of dark-eyed juncos feeding on the seed I scatter.

While he watches, I make plant lists, and order seeds.


  1. What happened to Storbie's cattle?

  2. One of the local garden experts wrote in the paper today that it is a good time to prune trees and shrubs. Guess he didn't see the regional weather forecast for rain and 50 mph winds this weekend. Storby was very brave to venture out into the outdoors/smart to come right back in.

  3. Ordering seeds.. warms the heart on a snowy day :)

  4. Marie, Been meaning to comment since your move to the shade. I can sympathize, having moved from a Maine meadow to a Connecticut Hosta ranch years ago. Nowhere I garden gets more than a few hours of sun. Now that you are seed shopping ....... peppers have done reasonably well, but last year I planted some Cubanelles. They were fantastic. I not only got lots of peppers, but many ripe sweet ones. In a shady spot they'll need staking. I cut down the legs of some of those worthless tomato tripods and stuck them around the plants. Cherry tomatoes do better for me than full sized ones, :-(. Good luck! Lisa


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